About Victoria

VictoriaI am the youngest ever person to qualify as a McTimoney Chiropractor which demonstrates my focus. I am passionate about therapy and wellbeing but also about my other pastime as a dressage rider. I have since studied in Germany to become a veterinary chiropractor and in addition successfully passed the entrance exams of the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association (IVCA).

I was born in Oxfordshire and have lived here all my life and although I have had horses around me all my life I only took up riding as I entered my teenage years. Now I juggle my life and work around numerous horses. Whilst my main passion is dressage I also do enjoy riding side-saddle both for showing and dressage and also do some veteran showing with my oldest horse. The big plus for me as a practitioner is that it has brought home to me the importance of core body strength and alignment as when riding dressage rider position is paramount. For my doctorate I did research into the impact of McTimoney pelvic adjustments on the weight balance of the rider.